Our motivation

The world we once lived in is gone. We find ourselves in a changed world, one with less resources, more poverty and a blind eye. Many people believe that the world is still okay, global warming does not exist and that forward thinkers are simply eccentric. The world is clouded with opinions and perceptions and a true sense of honesty with regards to what is really going on in the world, has been lost.

There is a sense of honesty in reflecting, and by doing so, we are able to find more, we are able to see further and we are able to find real solutions.

Our approach

We engage with our clients and their key stakeholders to address the challenge of sustainable development in a rapidly changing world. We offer insights that support decision making, co-create solutions to enable effective resource usage and provide new perspectives that enhance reputation and legacy. Our skills enable us to navigate deliverables ranging from the philosophical and inspiring, to the practical and tangible. We have created spaces that nurtured deep reflection by global industry leaders, and we have also worked in rural communities implementing livelihood security programmes. We are able to conduct risk-based environmental and social reviews, and also tell stories of impact and change through the voice of stakeholders.

We recognise upfront in our engagements, that the world has changed and that it will take brave leadership to create the kind of world we need to sustain our future.  We are a multidisciplinary team who work with our clients seeking to inspire change for a more equitable and enduring world.

Sustainability Truthing is a Level One B-BBEE Contributor.

Our service offering

Reflective Dialogues

We facilitate reflective conversation that allows participants to envision possibilities through someone else’s worldview.

Some feedback from our clients:

After 38 years of working in the mining industry, I have come to learn that the intention to do good things is very different from the ability to deliver good things.

– CEO, Multi-Commodity Mining Company

I now understand better the meaning of a people- directed engagement approach.

– EVP, Gold Mining Company

I left the day with a change in perspective that the world doesn’t work the way I thought it did. I’m not sure why that was such a surprise for me but I do know that changes in perspective are a gift and don’t come along all that often.

– President Western Hemisphere, Oil and Gas Services Company



Change Strategy and Implementation

We work with our clients to develop integrated strategies to managing risk. We have developed and implemented two key proprietary models. The first of which repositions the role of key economic players as catalysts in long term development. Our second model is a tool for integrated decision making and impact management.

Our work has included long-term regional development planning. We have also designed environmentally sound social housing programs based on livelihood and lifestyle security. Our central measurement for success is the improved quality of life of people and ecosystems.



Visual Truthing: Impact Storytelling

We support a different approach to trust building, communication and reporting. We use participatory curiosity to tell the story of change. We tell stories, show impact, deliver messages and build legacy in documentaries and reports.

We have world-class experience in reality television such as MasterChef and Survivor. We use these skills to reach audiences and share stories through the voices of stakeholders in a familiar, entertaining and educational manner.

Our products include photography, film, documentaries, reporting and profiles that convey brand messaging, annual results, stakeholder communication and legacy building.