• We are a sustainability and thought leadership consultancy, based in South Africa. We work with forward thinking, brave business leaders seeking to inspire and implement positive change for a more prosperous and enduring world.

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  • the leadership team

    We acted on our resolute passion for the more than human world and years of yearning to make the world a better place by bringing together our diverse skills in a business that creates solutions for long term change.

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    Prishani Satyapal

    Chief Inspiration Officer

    Shakti Satyapal

    Chief Operations Officer

  • #Reflect

    We believe that there is a sense of truthing in the act of reflection, and by doing so, we are able to find more, we are able to see further and we are able to drive sustainable change.

  • "What can we uniquely do that the world of tomorrow needs?"

    - Peter Hawkins

Under Construction

We are currently updating the Sustainability Truthing website. Should you wish to get in touch, please contact us on +27 82 562 6864, or shakti@sustainabilitytruthing.com