Our motivation

The world we once lived in is gone. We find ourselves in a changed world, one with less resources, more poverty and a blind eye. Many people believe that the world is still okay, global warming does not exist and that forward thinkers are simply eccentric. The world is clouded with opinions and perceptions and a true sense of honesty with regards to what is really going on in the world, has been lost.

There is a sense of honesty in reflecting, and by doing so, we are able to find more, we are able to see further and we are able to find real solutions.

Our approach

Sustainability Truthing is a sustainability and thought leadership consultancy, based in South Africa. We work with forward thinking, brave business leaders seeking to inspire and implement positive change for a more prosperous and enduring world. We recognise, upfront in our engagements, that the world has changed and that it will take brave leadership to create the kind of world we need to sustain our future.

We pride ourselves on the ability to develop an understanding of complex issues at a broad systemic level, identifying the change levers at an operational level and implementing strategies to drive sustainable change.

We harness the power of business to improve the livelihood of people and ecosystems and create meaning for people through connecting them to each other and the planet.

Our service offering

Wordview Dialogues

We create spaces for engagement between business and civil society leaders. We have learnt that the right level of dialogue encourages participants to assume leadership characterised by moral authority.

Do you have big questions – questions that may form new thinking, questions that may bring unique solutions?

Imagine landing those conversations with long term thinkers with worldview’s outside of your frame.






Lifestyle Leaping

We create lasting change on the ground by innovatively sense making development, in partnership with communities and niche innovators.

Does poverty frustrate you? Do you wish to support programmes in developing countries? We will work with you to create change that has impact and improves the quality of life of people and ecosystems.




Reflective Action

We approach strategy reviews by challenging existing thinking and creating pause moments for reflection.

We ensure engaged, accelerated, ambitious and informed action that has scale and impact.

We develop long term plans that embrace the complexity of business.


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Visual Truthing

We support a different approach to reporting and trust-building. We use participatory curiosity to drive the recording of developmental projects from inception to impact.

We want to help your organisation tell your stories, show your impact and build your legacy in a visual medium that stakeholders will believe.