The higher purpose of a sustainability journey


  • South Africa

Service Offering:

  • Reflective Action

Sustainability Truthing was approached by a major financial services company, to assist them in developing a “higher purpose” for their organisation. The Company was concurrently undergoing a brand rejuvenation, which was perfect timing to re-define and highlight the businesses outlook on sustainability and their agenda.

The Company has enjoyed a long 100+ year history within South Africa and has also expanded to other countries and continents around the world. The Company from an enduring business sense is sustainable. However, endurance also depends on the business’s ability to find relevance in the ever changing society and natural ecosystem within which it operates.

The company was at a definitive stage in its history where it needs to find new, enabling, sustainable and innovative ways to deliver on its vision. Sustainability Truthing provided ideas and support in the articulation of the companies sustainability roadmap, which was immediately taken to board, approved and implemented.