The beauty of anger, the Beauty of pausing and taking ownership to pause and determine what our democracy should look like, how it should feel, what governance would make better sense, what decisions would and should feel like? What questions we should ask – incessantly and until we have the right answers. How we play a role, how we are part of the journey, historical nascent cynics, and nor feeble observers? How can each of us play a uniting role- Find common ground as a matter of personal principle? How could we be contributors as a desire and not beneficiaries or aspiringly better than each other? How will we achieve healing and find love and connectedness in our humanity? And how we will embody what our souls already are- beautiful?

Ahmed Kathrada’s death has beautiful collateral because I paused, those around me paused role and we realised that we have an opportunity to define what active citizenry means. That we have to actually have a role, not a gain. A role- we need to be employers. We need to be good employers. We need to be kind people, loving people, people who laugh, people who fight every day to heal wounds through finding commonality because we really do have more commonality than any residual hurt from the past.

We need to be people that do not contemplate the so-called failures of our heroes – they never claimed perfection, but they delivered freedom. The rest is for us to realise.

Retribution, arrogance, entitlement, subservience, apathy, arm chair observing. None of these provides the catalysts for change. And being pitiful is not what our Golden Era Leaders fought for. I read that their weakness was believing in an inherent goodness in all people, over any other quality.

I make a commitment to make goodness be the nurturing quality that I develop in myself every day. I think emulating a quality that our freedom fighters expected is an aspiration that we should be our only entitlement.

We are South Africans, first and foremost, we are South Africans. We wanted that title more than any other. South Africans who we recognised as equal and South Africans who embody the spirit of all our democratic symbols. Because you know what? It’s our turn to fight for the beauty of our freedom. The sanctity of what peace feels like. The liberation of what being employed feels like and the privilege of what it feels like to be an employer.

Farm and put good food on our collective table, look after our country’s wild magical spaces and protect all creatures, design, sell, think, work with your hands, cook, sing, learn, teach, dance, realize our mineral assets, draw, protect our oceans, heal, build, care for, innovate the future, and Govern. But do it all with our freedom as our collective reward.

Thank you, Uncle Kathy.